Sing 2

2021 • 109 minutes
788 reviews
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All your favorite singing, dancing all-stars from Illumination's Sing return in the definitive feel-good event of the year. The ever-optimistic Koala, Buster Moon, and his cast have big dreams of staging their most dazzling show yet in the glittering entertainment capital of the world, Redshore City. There's just one hitch: They must persuade the world's most reclusive rock star, Clay Calloway, to join them. Rosita, Ash, Johnny, Meena and Gunter return with all-new characters, spectacular hit songs and electrifying performances in Sing 2, a comedy about the emotional healing power of music.
788 reviews
March 20, 2022
This is the first time I'm writing a review and, I can't lie, I literally cried at the end. No, I'm not joking, I really did. If you don't like understand music or you know... know how it feels when you just let your feelings go then you might just not understand me. But, when Johnny was singing and how Nooshy helped him was just inspiring, I was literally dancing on my own two feet while singing along with Johnny, literally cheering him on. Of course I didn't watch this alone, I had 3 of my friends watching it with me online and it was just amazing. I LOVE IT! I love the fact how Halsey was in this movie and how Letitia Wright was in here as well, omg I can't even describe how my heart just sank when Clay at the end came back on his feet and started singing again after like 10 or 15 years right after his wife died. That feeling when you start singing again, doing something you love because you haven't been doing it for a long time is just fantastic! It sank my heart when Ash brought him back, it was so beautiful and amazing!!! The whole movie was funny as well, literally was laughing my back off and screaming while enjoying this movie, I don't understand how people would hate it, I don't care if it's childish but like, I feel like it would be the best movie that will never get old once the years go by. Point blank period. This movie was amazing, gorgeous, and a MASTERPIECE!!!
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January 22, 2022
This movie is truly beautiful, magnificent, and amazing. The first one made me fall asleep because it was so boring to watch but other than that the second one is way more improved and better to view since the characters have more actions and parts and the fact that the main villain is very daring and cool unlike all the other ones that Illumination made. Very well done with this movie. I give this a 10/10. I'm proud and appreciative of Illumination of finally creating a spectacular and very good movie for once after all these years. I hope they make a Sing 3 next :)
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Lea Haga
March 6, 2022
Yes it's a kiddy movie it's for kids. The same old things we all need to learn get told over and over and over in so many different stories and ways. If you don't enjoy this cute movie maybe you either don't need this lesson or maybe your too old to be watching this. Sincerely 56 year young Gam Gam
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