Slay the Dragon

2020 • 103 minutes
15 reviews
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After the 2008 election, a secretive, well-funded partisan initiative poured money into state legislative races in key swing states to gain control of their redistricting processes and used high-tech analytics to dramatically skew voting maps based on demographic data. The result is one of the greatest electoral manipulations in U.S. history, one that poses a fundamental threat to our democracy and exacerbates the already polarized atmosphere in Congress and state houses across the country. The new documentary Slay the Dragon shines a light on this timely issue, and follows a handful of citizens' groups, outraged by what they see as an attack on the core democratic principle that every person's vote should count equally, as they battle party operatives and an entrenched political establishment to fix a broken system.
15 reviews
Timothy Staub
April 7, 2020
Fantastic film and an excellent visual extension of Daley's book on gerrymandering. Daley's book helps set up the deep dive into the Redistricting Majority Project, while this covers its implications and what became of it. Overall good storytelling and editing by the creators of this film. I feel like this could have been a several episode series, each one focusing on one of the overly gerrymandered states because it felt really short. I do hope the folks behind this team up with series producer to show us the where we are at in 2021 and 2022 when the maps are redrawn. Anyone saying this is 'Democratic propaganda' clearly doesn't see how this is a huge problem for the Republican Parties in Maryland and Illinois. Elected officials should have little say on how their district looks and should let the marketplace of ideas decide their political fate rather than trying to weasel their way out via redistricting.
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Melissa King
April 22, 2020
Most inspiring movie I've watched in a really really long time. No matter what "party" you align with, Gerrymandering is a dangerous tool. I beg everyone to watch this movie with an open mind away from party alliances & view this as, if one party can do this, so can the other. It is VERY dangerous. Votes are the power of the people & need to stay "with the people" NOT unacceptable DC.
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Naomi Armendariz
April 4, 2020
A passionate documentary. It's a shame that it's based on a misunderstanding of American history, constitution and governance. The USA is a Democratic REPUBLIC not a Republic DEMOCRACY. The USA is based on some democratic principles, but it is not a democracy (aka - mob rule by the simple majority).
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