Speed Racer

2008 • 134 minutes
75 reviews
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About this movie

Lilly & Lana Wachowski bring a classic anime to the big screen: Matthew Fox, John Goodman, Christina Ricci and Susan Sarandon star with Emile Hirsch as Speed Racer! Fearlessly hurtling down the track, careening around, over and through the competition in his thundering Mach 5, Speed Racer was born to race cars. But when Speed turns down a lucrative offer from Royalton Industries, he not only infuriates the company’s maniacal owner but uncovers a terrible secret--some of the biggest races are being fixed by a handful of ruthless moguls! The only way for Speed to save his family’s business and the sport he loves is to beat Royalton at his own game. With the support of his family and his loyal girlfriend, Trixie, Speed teams with his one-time rival the mysterious Racer X to win the race that took his brother, Rex Racer’s, life: the death-defying, cross-country rally known as The Crucible.
75 reviews
Steven Liang
May 30, 2021
I watched speed racer the cartoon when it came out. The things I like about this movie are the A,B,C, buttons; the jumper, the M5 design. This film has some of the best actors around like Susan Sarandon and Hiroyuki Sanada. The best bits are the desert race and the final race. Everything else I had to fast forward to make this film watchable. So, literally I just watch speed racer push some button, jumped around, and Susan Sarandon's incredible acting skill which is her ability to react to nothing. If I watched the whole movie, I would have hated it. Fast forward made it into just a "don't like it" score. Go speed racer goooooooooooooooooo. Hay speed racer, the secret engine design is etched on the wind shield BTW.
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tony ramos
March 13, 2021
I bought this movie in all formats it's that good. Even if you are not a speed racer fan it's still worth owning then a simple rent. I just regret following all the negative scores from unreliable sources and not seeing it in the theater when it was first released. I will look for film critic website who give it a bad score because they lost my trust in their grading system that especially goes for Rotten tomatoes and IGN.
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Lina Inverse
December 28, 2020
Screw the Rotten Tomatoes score! This movie was probably and STILL IS one of THE BEST Anime addaption from show to film. Yes, its colorful, over the top.... But, seeing what they had to work with, its a VERY FUN film! XD I love how peops will complain about Speed's character. 😑 He was even MORE of a carboard cutout in the anime. So, if you're like me and was dissapointed in the likes of Dragon Ball Evolution, Avitar The Last Airbender and now recently Netflix Death Note, give this one a chance.
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