2021 • 91 minutes
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About this movie

John, a well known newspaper owner in the small U.S./Mexico border town of Sedcott, Arizona, runs a special edition newspaper that denounces corruption and abuse of power by local law enforcement. He has been at it for years and in the process has made more than a few enemies and stepped on more than a few toes. Following the killing of an immigrant worker, yet another incident that the police seems to be unwilling to do anything about, John takes on the plight of the family and of the community to find those responsible and bring them to justice. His efforts however are thwarted at every turn by an uncooperative Chief of police who seems to have their own agenda. Matters are only made worse when John suddenly succumbs to a mysterious illness that threatens both his life and his investigation. A fight ensues that sees an undeterred John take on law enforcement in a battle to the bitter end to fight for justice and the truth. Inspired by true events.

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