2020 • 114 minutes
68 reviews
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When a spacecraft crashes to earth, a psychologist evaluating the lone survivor in a secluded facility learns he may carry an alien parasite that threatens to consume them all.

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68 reviews
Daniel Garcia
August 31, 2020
Fantastic science horror film. Takes many cues from Ridley Scott's Alien but the Soviet setting and decor keep things fresh throughout. The creature and visual effects are seamless with the real life photography and rival larger American productions. Those hoping for a gore fest may be left wanting more as the film doesn't really indulge in that. The third half fails to keep the ball rolling and provide a truly satisfying pay off, but the ride is well worth it. A minor classic for the genre.
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Marc Morgan
October 12, 2020
I actually enjoyed the move. My complaint is that it worked fine on google play movies, but when I switched to the Google tv app, it's so dark that it's unwatchable. Of course, google wouldn't give me a refund for a purchased movie which no longer works!
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Nonya Bizness
August 17, 2020
Just a bad movie. I am curious how so many gave this foreign trash such high ratings. Has the bar now been set so low that anything new in Corona virus times is considered good? Because this movie is BAD!
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