Star Wars: A New Hope

1977 • 124 minutes
5.89K reviews
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Luke Skywalker begins a journey that will change the galaxy in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. Nineteen years after the formation of the Empire, Luke is thrust into the struggle of the Rebel Alliance when he meets Obi-Wan Kenobi, who has lived for years in seclusion on the desert planet of Tatooine. Obi-Wan begins Luke's Jedi training as Luke joins him on a daring mission to rescue the beautiful Rebel leader Princess Leia from the clutches of Darth Vader and the evil Empire.


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Deleted Scene: the Search for R2-D2
1 minute
This footage includes a projected background to make the landspeeder appear to be moving. George Lucas found the finished visual unsatisfactory.
Deleted Scene: Tosche Station
5 minutes
George Lucas originally felt it was essential to inject some humanity early on by introducing Luke Skywalker and his friends at the local hangout. As the movie was being edited, Lucas realized that he didn’t need the scene and that it slowed down the action.
Deleted Scene: Old Woman On Tatooine
1 minute
As Luke rushes into the town of Anchorhead aboard his landspeeder, an elderly local urges him to drive safely.
Conversations: Creating a Universe
8 minutes
Longtime collaborators Roger Christian and Joe Johnston meet for the first time to discuss the impact that George Lucas had on their lives and share memories of building the Millennium Falcon and other iconic elements of the Star Wars universe.
Deleted Scene: Darth Vader Widens the Search
1 minute
This footage of Darth Vader and an Imperial officer includes original production audio -- so that is Dave Prowse's voice coming from Darth Vader. This footage was redubbed and used in The Star Wars Holiday Special.
Star Wars Launch Trailer
1 minute
In 1977, audiences everywhere were given a further glimpse of a galaxy far, far away….
Deleted Scene: Aunt Beru's Blue Milk
1 minute
Even the blue milk briefly glimpsed during the homestead dinner scenes in Episode IV has developed a following among Star Wars fans. Here is a bit more of Aunt Beru's famous beverage.
Deleted Scene: Stormtrooper Search
1 minute
An alternate version of this scene of stormtroopers searching the Mos Eisley alleyways made it into the final film. Footage from this deleted take found its way into The Star Wars Holiday Special.
Discoveries From Inside: Weapons and the First Lightsaber
3 minutes
J.W. Rinzler and Roger Christian open up the hallowed Archives at Skywalker Ranch to showcase classic props created for the Star Wars empire, including the most iconic piece of all…the Lightsaber – plus, the Archives’ latest discovery!
Deleted Scene: Cantina Rough Cut
7 minutes
This version of the cantina sequence was assembled with footage from the initial England shoot. After additional photography in California, new aliens were inserted into the final cut. One notable omission is seen here in a cutaway of Han Solo with a local woman.
Anatomy of a Dewback
26 minutes
George Lucas reveals how his team transformed the dewback creatures from immovable rubber puppets in the movie's original 1977 release to seemingly living creatures for the 1997 Special Edition.
Deleted Scene: Alternate Biggs and Luke Reunion
1 minute
In the 1997 Special Edition of Star Wars, this footage was reinserted into the final cut with one important deletion -- Red Leader's passing reference to Anakin Skywalker remained on the cutting room floor.

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5.89K reviews
Justin Tyme
July 24, 2020
You should boycott Disney, why? When an artist dies, his art goes into the public domain so that all can use it freely. But not anymore. Disney has spent millions to change laws so that artistic creativity does not become public use after the death of an artist. They are claiming ownership to the creativity of all, and you will pay or be sued to use it. This is not what artists want, they want their works made publically available. No artwork will be public anymore, even comics from Marvel.
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Laney P.
April 14, 2015
I love these movies! As a child I'd watch the VHS over and over in the summer. But these are the 1997 re-release. All the added scenes are not a benefit to the movies at all. They actually detract from the theatrical releases. If these were the original films I'd buy them in a heartbeat no matter the price. As it is, I'll wait for a blu-ray and hope like hell they decide to put the originals on there too. Lucas is amazing but these didn't need to be messed with. They were PERCECT the way that they were.
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May 7, 2016
Movie is awesome I have seen it a number of times and own it on VHS. I want to watch it again before renting the newest one but the only way I can stream it is to buy it!? I don't want to buy it I want to pay 4.99 and rent it via streaming along with the 5 others. Can't do that. This is what drives people towards piracy of films. Make it easy for us to watch, we'll pay a nominal fee. You have the structure setup, use it.
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