Stuart Little

1999 • 84 minutes
371 reviews
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Join the fun when the Little family adopts an adorably spunky boy named Stuart (Michael J. Fox), who looks a lot like a mouse. Mr. and Mrs. Little (Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis) fall in love with Stuart right away, but their older son, George (Jonathan Lipnicki), isn't so sure. As Stuart tries to win over his new brother with hilarious feats of courage and daring, the family's cat, Snowbell (Nathan Lane), gets involved with a gang of shady felines who devise a dastardly plan to get Stuart out of the house...permanently! State-of-the-art special effects, laugh-out-loud comedy and rip-roaring hijinks make this the biggest adventure a Little can have! Original Motion Picture: 1999 Global Entertainment Productions GmbH & Co. Medien KG and SPE German Finance Co. Inc. All Rights Reserved. | Extended Television Version: 1999, 2002 Global Entertainment Productions GmbH & Co. Medien KG and SPE Germ
371 reviews
Kyle Vansteelandt
March 18, 2020
While there is nothing timeless and memorable, and it may not be a classic by any means, But, living up to it's title, Stuart Little is a charming little flick with big heart and has themes about families, including the non-traditional kind. After all, Snowbell the cat said "family is too strong of a word." Yes, it is, and for great reason, because family is everything and they come in all shapes and sizes. The film contains eye-popping effects that are very well executed with sentimental emotion in there faces, and the CGI mouths of the cats blend in so well. Although, there are a few times that the CGI gets distracting and a bit noticeable. The voice cast and voice work is fantastic with theatrical and powerful delivery within their voice performances. Michael J. Fox steals the entire film as Stuart himself, His voice is very uplifting, and gives the character a charming plucky personality with a big heart and daring action. The character "stuart" brings a smile to my face and makes me laugh very often. The relationship between Stuart and their "Little" family is nicely developed and it's very touching to watch. The film also uses great timing for funny comedy as well. Alan Silvestri's music score was composed in the old-fashioned way, using the music to tell the story, match the passages, and reflecting the mood. Alan's music also has so much variety with using more different, more colorful instruments outside the orchestra. What really impressed me is the that the camera gives the sinister cat "Smokey" more power not just by the size, but also using the camera to get close up shots of Smokey. And Stuart does not have a close up shot when he is encountered by Smokey, which makes Stuart feel weak and so little (no pun intended). That was the same technique that was used for "Silence of the lambs," because of using close up shots for Anthony Hopkins's villainous character to give him more power and make him scarier. The film has an exposed subtext about family as I mentioned earlier, which makes the story of the film very touching and inspiring. Overall: This is a simple yet powerful family film that will delight any family. Highly Recommended.
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ᴇ. ᴅ.
December 27, 2020
Underrated film, and great Christmas movie especially for the family, suitable for any age. Watched it during Christmas, and literally one of the most underrated films man. I remember watching this as a kid, and when you notice the small things in it when your older, the actors and everything It brings such a throwback.
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Tiffany Phill
September 12, 2014
I can't stand movies kids are watching lately....this is a great clean fun movie for the whole family.
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