2018 • 84 minutes
212 reviews
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Named one of the scariest clowns on screen by BloodyDisgusting.com, Art The Clown returns and sets his sights on three young women, along with anyone else that gets in his way. Terrifier is based on a character from the successful horror anthology franchise All Hallows Eve.

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212 reviews
Daniel Bennefield
October 5, 2020
Some sick bastard came up with this and convinced others to join him in making it. I suppose if you're 13 or have an IQ under 80 it may be somewhat enjoyable but for everyone else it is what it is and it is garbage. Five dollar budget was noticeable right from the jump. Could of had potential if it didn't rely on shock value with the gore. Definitely a hard pass if you're looking for a horror flick you'd like to watch seriously without laughing and rolling your eyes. Run the other way!!!
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Willem van Heerden
November 7, 2018
I'm quite a fan of horror films, even of the "so bad they're good" variety, but I just don't really get the hype around this. Sure, the film is a homage to 80s slasher films, but it doesn't at all feel like a classic. The pacing is awkward, and there are a number of really incongruous moments throughout. I didn't enjoy it very much.
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It's Kam (Kam Dog)
September 20, 2018
Bloody. Gorey. Creepy clown. The standard horror movie tropes are everywhere but this movie makes it work, it was both disturbing and entertaining all at once. There's plenty of gore scenes that'll have you squirming in your chair. The gore level is just a little bit below Human Centipede (just less ass) - If you like blood, guts, hot chicks, and killer clowns - this is your movie. This is on Netflix though, so save yourself the money if you can stream it.
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