The 300 Spartans

1962 • 113 minutes
63 reviews
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About this movie

The 300 Spartans is an account of the 480 B.C. Battle of Thermopylae, in which the Spartan King Leonidis, played by Richard Egan, led a remarkably small number of men to victory over an invading Persian army led by evil King Xerxes that was about 20 times as large. This spectacular conflict gave the Grecians enough time to organize a force to ultimately repel the Persians, and thus change the course of Western civilization. The film was directed by Rudolph Mate and stars Richard Egan and Ralph Richardson.

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63 reviews
Michael Anderson (Vikingoverlord)
May 31, 2016
If you enjoyed 300 I recommend watching this. This is a classic film that helped pave the way for Frank Millers comic as well as the movie adaptation. The way fans of 300 feel about that movie, is they way people felt about this film when it came out. So take a couple hours and enjoy a classic film. Who knows you might enjoy it.
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John Clark
October 20, 2015
Movie would have been 5 stars if they hadn't had all the sci-fi freaks in it and had the Spartans with the correct armor. After all this was based on an actual fight.
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Lana McClure
December 29, 2015
Many of you are rating the wrong movie here. This is NOT 300. This is the classic 300 SPARTANS. Not the same movie. I love this version !!
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