The Big Red One

1980 • 113 minutes
118 reviews
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In one of the most powerful films ever made about World War II, director Samuel Fuller tells the semi-autobiographical story of a squad of sharpshooters trying not to die in The Big Red One. World War I veteran Sergeant Possum (Academy Award winner Lee Marvin) wants to get the job done and to get himself and his squad of green recruits out alive. It's just a job: Kill the enemy before they kill you. And through the seemingly endless bloodshed from North Africa, to Sicily, the Normandy Invasion and the push into Germany, his now-veteran squad--Gruff (Mark Hamill), Zab (Robert Carradine), Vinci (Bobby CiCicco) and Johnson (Kelly Ward)--learns both the brutal horror of war and to never become emotionally close with a new recruit, because he most likely die.
118 reviews
A Google user
March 7, 2012
This is one of my all time favorite movies. This movie teaches us the real pains and pleasures of war, juxtaposing both the realities and ironic values that make up war and fighting in it. The movie if funny, engaging, and clever. Unlike so many other war movies, this one respects your intelligence and desire to be genuinely entertained. I believe that Sam Fueller is America's Kurosawa.
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Coiled Steel
September 10, 2018
Superb War Drama as ONLY WW2 Combat Photographer, Samuel Fuller could tell! Get the un-edited directors cut - "The reconstruction," and you will see it the way Sam intended! Watch ALL of Samuel Fuller's movies, especially his lesser known ones. "The Steel Helmet" also my favorite. Made on a very tight budget, b&w - but VERY realistic plot and character development!
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Zach Chovanec
March 11, 2018
Truly a classic about one of the most famous fighting units of all time. History is told by the victors, and this is a great depiction of the fighting man’s Struggles during WW2
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