The Blind Side

2009 • 128 minutes
7.37K reviews
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About this movie

Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw and Oscar® winner Kathy Bates star in this remarkable true story of All-American football star Michael Oher. Teenager Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) is surviving on his own, virtually homeless, when he is spotted on the street by Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock). Learning that the young man is one of her daughter's classmates, Leigh Anne insists that Michael-wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the dead of winter-come out of the cold. Without a moment's hesitation, she invites him to stay at the Tuohy home for the night. What starts out as a gesture of kindness becomes much more as Michael becomes part of the Tuohy family despite the differences in their backgrounds. Living in his new environment, the teen faces a completely different set of challenges to overcome. And as the family helps Michael fulfill his potential, both on and off the football field, Michael's presence in the Tuohys' lives leads them to some insightful self-discoveries of their own. MPAA Rating: PG-13 © 2009 Warner Bros. Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

Ratings and reviews

7.37K reviews
June 5, 2014
As far as a movie goes... its ok. As far as a real life story, look up the information on what really happend, who Michael Oher really is and this movie will go down the drain quick because it lies to your face. I already knew who he was and when i saw this trur story movie, it just tipped me off.... Bullock did a good job acting (i dont like her acting in most movies) and the costum peole did a great job making her look like the real person, so props to them.
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Frank Rivera
December 17, 2014
I've seen this movie twice. Once, I saw it because of Oscar buzz. Unwarranted Oscar buzz. The second time, a comedy troupe in town screens films and makes fun of them. This was the only way to enjoy this story of magical white people saving the world from racism through caring and love. Sandra Bullock is okay, I guess. And I love her. So, she gets the movie an extra star.
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A Google user
December 17, 2015
I'm reading Michael Lewis' The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine now a movie and playing in theaters as I write this. Michael Lewis is the author of the book on which "this" movie is based. The Blind Side is the first of Lewis' Books to be adapted for a feature film and was released November 2009. Literally, The Blind Side is always located everywhere that is outside of your current field of vision. The metaphoric blind side also lies outside your field of vision. It's just that this field of vision belongs to your mind's eye. That being said, this film is about value, and seeing it in yourself as well as someone else.
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