The Bourne Legacy

2012 • 134 minutes
4.24K reviews
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Agent Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) must use his genetically-enhanced skills to finish what Jason Bourne started in this action-packed hit that takes the Bourne series to explosive new levels.
4.24K reviews
Sidnea Blackstone
December 7, 2012
I LOVED ALL THE BOURNE MOVIES AND LEGACY IS NO EXCEPTION! However, I felt that they could have established the ties between the other Bourne movies and then left us to our new story. Though I feel this movie was well done my only complaint is that we ended up with too much Jason Bourne in it. I like Aaron Cross; he is a less cold-blooded asset than Jason Bourne (Bourne kicks butt in a machine like fashion). Cross has a vulnerability and a bad-little-boy charm that makes him much more likable and compelling as an anti-hero. I appreciate that Cross was nearly the opposite of Bourne. I hope Marta Shearing stays with the franchise she is a very complex character that has a lot of potential in future storylines. I like Marta and Aaron together and I think the dynamics of their partnership will give the writers a lot of room to play around with the movie-verse mythology; after all, the movies are no where close to the book canon. The larger picture of the conspiracy that we got to see through the dirt streaked windows was believable and a little frightening when you think that pretty much the things being talked about could be happening now if not the very near future.
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Christal Delvin
January 19, 2013
This is a really good movie if you take it for what it is, it is not a bourne4 this movie gives you more beehind the scenes of what is happening in the triliogy as well answers some question while also starting a new character/view of the bourne world. Jeremy Renner did a wonderful job as Aaron Cross he did not replace Bourne he is his own character. I bought this cause I enjoyed it that much. Part story telling part action ending at a good point didnt make it to long and set it up for another one.
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Ryan Cipriani
October 6, 2015
With their spy program cancelled, the driving goal behind the main spy is he wants the drugs that maintain his elevated mental and physical capability. Ending feels abrupt. Dumb things are said "my army recruiter added 12points to my IQ to meet the minimum" essentially making the star Forrest Gump...
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