The Cleansing Hour

2021 • 95 minutes
28 reviews
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About this movie

Max and Drew run a popular webcast that streams ‘live exorcisms’ watched by millions across the globe. In reality, the exorcisms are just elaborately staged hoaxes performed by paid actors. But their fortunes take a turn when one of the actors becomes possessed by an actual demon and takes the crew hostage. In front of a rapidly growing audience, the demon subjects the crew to a series of violent challenges, threatening to expose the dark secrets they’ve been hiding from each other unless they come clean and reveal they’re impostors before the show is over.

Ratings and reviews

28 reviews
steve jasper II
April 5, 2021
Think Colin Farel's "phone booth" only with a demon calling the shots. Overall a good movie. That said i "watched" it on Vudu. If you call incessant buffering on my 400mb spectrum cable internet every 5 minutes watching it. Fandango/Vudu are garbage. Stick with Gplay. Never had an issue here
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Kelli Patton
January 23, 2021
The Cleansing Hour is a new take on demonic possession, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Everything was done really well - special effects, setting, story, etc. The acting was also top notch IMO, especially the female lead, who I thought did a phenomenal job. I will definitely be watching this one again!
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Marc Morgan
April 14, 2021
Like many horror films today, most of the action takes place in total darkness. You can't see what's going on!
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