The Conservation Game

2022 • 110 minutes
6 reviews
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About this movie

While undercover at an exotic animal auction in Ohio, police officer Tim Harrison stumbles upon a bombshell discovery when he realizes that our famous television conservationists are secretly connected to the exotic big cat trade. As his investigation unfolds, Tim wrestles with the consequences of exposing one of the world's most beloved conservationists as well as his own childhood hero.

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6 reviews
July 4, 2022
For the person saying they didn't watch it because of Carol Baskin - If Carol Baskin was the only thing you got out of the trailer, then you've completely missed the whole point and don't put animal welfare as a priority. That said, it was a fantastic documentary, I hope tigers are no longer brought to that high school and I hope the big cat public safety act is passed to stop scam CONservationists and private breeders.
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Claude Mason
June 19, 2022
Made me absolutely cry. That a retired cop could have the heart to protect these innocents is awesome. Pass the #LACEYACT NOW!
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Gerri Paniccia
June 25, 2022
What a riveting documentary! All my heros, Jack Hanna, Jared Miller that taught me to love animals are a sham and disgrace. Animals on these exposed talk shows just vanished? My heart breaks for the truth of what happened to them. Watch and be empowered.. surely leaves you at the edge of your seat.
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