The Counterfeit Traitor

1962 • 140 minutes
12 reviews
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There's no way out for American-raised Swede Eric Erickson. Either he becomes an Allied spy, or he faces a trumped-up charge of Nazi collaboration. "How does one get to be so cold-blooded?" Erickson snaps at the English agent blackmailing him. "Watching German planes bomb London helps enormously," is the reply. William Holden portrays Erickson in this taut thriller that progresses from subterfuge to discovery and finally to breathless escape. The story, based on Alexander Klein's book, is true. And the use of European locations where the actual events transpired adds to the film's authenticity. From start to finish, The Counterfeit Traitor provides suspense and moral choices that can only come from real life.

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12 reviews
Pam Russell
December 23, 2012
There are two components that make a movie good; great acting and screenplay, but the third component makes a movie excellent and that is location, location, location. This movie is shot on location in Sweden and Germany. The balance of international intrigue along with a back drop love story, make this movie 5 stars.
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Coiled Steel
April 22, 2019
THIS WAS REAL! Great plot and character development! A true view of the tragedy and courage displayed by "ordinary" people, doing "extraordinary" HEROIC things, against an evil regime! Very gritty realism!
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