The Dark Tapes

2017 • 98 minutes
66 reviews
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About this movie

A horrifying blend of terror and mayhem which takes you on a twisted journey into the world of paranormal activity, demonic possession, and the supernatural.

Ratings and reviews

66 reviews
Jimmy James
April 19, 2017
An excellent, smart, well written, well acted anthology. If you are a fan of V/H/S or Black Mirror (or the old Twilight Zone TV show or The Outer Limits or X-Files, then this is definitely for you. Its low budget is the only thing keeping it from from five stars as there is no real set-design and all. Otherwise, everything else is top notch. Genre fans and non-genre fans alike would enjoy this. The twist in the first segment is totally wicked and you'll never see it coming, that I guarantee. Definite recommend.
Preview Review
May 3, 2017
The Dark Tapes 4.5/5 Taking inspiration from the V/H/S trilogy, The Dark Tapes is a surprisingly professional found footage flick that's inventive, scary, and bloody. The film uses every last dollar of its miniscule budget (which is occasionally noticeable) and delivers one hell of a ride. This might just be the smartest horror movie of 2017".
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Jack Carlson
March 27, 2020
It wasnt the worst thing i have ever watched, but I have to admit it wasn't. I am a fan of the V/H/S series and sombody recomended this to me. You can tell that this is trying to run on the shirt tails of the V/H/S series, but this movie falls short on so many levels. A lot of the stories make no sense and it seems like the plot twist happen just because the director says so. In short, it is very random. The stories were more confusing more than they were scary.