The Diabetes Solution

2021 • 53 minutes
12 reviews
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A group of families and doctors expose a corporate cover-up while revealing the truth about diabetes management.

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12 reviews
Sarah Giammarino
November 17, 2021
Ive been managing this way for almost 5 years. Ive had Type 1 since I was 10, over 42 years. This by far is what's saving my life. It is completely doable. Sustainable. I eat healthy whole foods and I'm satisfied. Better yet, my bloodsugars are stable, like that of a non diabetic. I deserve that. This gives us control over a chronic and potentially deadly disease.
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Mikayla Williamson
November 10, 2021
This is a fantastic documentary on how wrong the ADA and our health care providers tell us as Type 1 diabetics to eat. We won't have these so called diabetic complications if we were encouraged to keep our glucose in a non diabetic range. It's really not hard with the right tools and commonsense not to eat high carb meals.
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Sophie Lunnon
November 12, 2021
This documentary is incredibly eye-opening and moving. It really makes you appreciate what people with type 1 diabetes are up against in terms of the current guidelines, and how we can thrive on a low carb lifestyle. For the people that say “Low carb is restrictive”… Diabetes itself is restrictive. Daily highs and lows are restrictive. I was diagnosed with T1D when I was 15 and suffered with rollercoaster blood sugars every single day for four years. I was told by my doctor that this was “normal.”Eventually, I came across low carb and Dr Bernstein. My A1c is now 4.6% and my quality of life has improved drastically. Normal, steady blood sugars are possible for a T1D and a low carb lifestyle makes it much easier to achieve them. I’m now in the best position possible to start a family, my complication risk has greatly reduced and I still get to enjoy treats like chocolate cake and cookies - I just swap the ingredients. I hope this documentary gets out there to all T1Ds. It could save so many lives!
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