The Distance Between Us

2016 • 114 minutes
6 reviews
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About this movie

The Distance Between Us tells the story of a love affair between two young Indian immigrants, Megha and Ravi, who work as software engineers. For Megha, her career is an opportunity to break free from the shackles of poverty, however, her success does not come without great sacrifice. In pursuit of her dreams, Megha will have to choose between love and ambition. The Distance Between Us is a tale of broken ambitions, which lead to the triumph of the human spirit.

Ratings and reviews

6 reviews
Steph Parsons
July 22, 2016
We were soon to meet Megha (Leah Kavita), a highly ambitious, career driven, entrepreneur. She ultimately seeks to provide for her family, and with motivation and determination on her side, she goes to USA to pitch her new software and to grow in her career. Along the way, we also meet the handsome, Ravi (played by Rahul Rai). Though, Megha has no time for romance, she believes romance will only hinder her from focusing on her current priorities on heading to the USA, and leaves Ravi behind in India. This is such an emotional rollercoaster of a film. It seems all doom and gloom for Megha, but it is still a romantic comedy. The script has been well written, and though seems forced at times, the lines, mostly, seem to flow very naturally. But when I say ‘romantic comedy’, do not be put off by this if you are, as it is a different class, it’s gritty, down to earth, and realistic. All praise for Chandu Yarram, who though with only two short films under his belt before this, managed to direct this feature length film seemingly with ease. I would recommend this film. You won’t regret watching this, and you might even surprise yourself by enjoying it, as I most certainly did.
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AJ Eckenroth
July 16, 2016
    I have to say that when I started watching this movie I honestly didn't think it would be any good. In fact, I thought it would just be another cheesy and poorly done independent film. I was so wrong. I mean it was a little cheesy as far as the acting goes but it wasn't was watchable.      I loved Rahul Rai as Ravi. He played the role of a nerdy lovesick puppy very well. I also think Leah Kavita played her part pretty decently as well.