The Forever Purge

2021 • 103 minutes
231 reviews
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About this movie

The Great Experiment has failed: one night is not enough as the chaos continues into daylight. In the next thrilling installment of the franchise, there is a new landscape and a new twist on the Annual Purge, terrifying audiences with the prospect of a Purge that never ends.
231 reviews
Dr. Jé (Here But Gone)
October 3, 2021
The reviews had me worried. Now that I have seen it, a hit dog will holler- clearly the negative reviews are from real world forever purge folks – they see themselves on film. People like the ones depicted in this film really are out there- that is so sad. The message was stronger than the entertainment value. The film showed just how serious hatred is, how inferior certain types of people really are, and they are desperate to feel validated. So, they operate from a means of control, racism, prejudice, discrimination, etcetera. The film highlights the inferiority complex and identity crisis that plagues most “Americans”. At this point they are willfully obtuse. Ironically the villains are purging “non-forever” purge ”ers” and innocent people who had nothing to do with the systemic processes that got them there in the first place. If you want to attack someone, you need to attack the powers that be, not your fellow man. Sad to know that there are people who think like forever purge and align themselves with this false narrative. The one critique was the unification between the aboriginal aka “Native Americans” (what about the “black” people who were in North America first o_0) - and the “White” man – when they took down the last stand forever folks – the one group that was missing was a “Black” cast member to perfect the trifecta. Everyone who needed to get out – got it -always happy to see that in both fiction and non. Self-hate is the worst hate of them all. Imagine how powerful we’d all be if we came together as one. And turned the eyes on the true enemy – the powers that be. The ones who sustain failed systems, such as the dollar, interest, welfare, poverty, income, debt, medical, illness, etcetera – all social constructs formulated to be divisive to control the masses – they trick you into going at your own so they can feel in control. Social conditioning starts from the day you are born. Only some of us slowly dump ish as we learn more and get wiser to the BS that is the Divided States of America.
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415 Giant49erWarrior
July 29, 2021
I love the Purge movie series. I even enjoyed the 2 seasons the show got to run on the USA network. I can really see certain group of people really not liking this Purge. Actually if you watch the movie I guarantee you'll know who I'm talking about. I think it's the fact that the one's who think that way don't like too see themselves projected back to them. Literally. Enjoy 😉
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Dan the whiskey man 38 (Danoutlaw117c)
August 28, 2021
YouTuber james from dead meat is going to a field day with this movie review, I can just see him screaming and pulling his hair out with this movie kill count lol the movie was ok but it's not like the original Purge storyline
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