The Grass is Greener

1961 • 104 minutes
14 reviews
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About this movie

A rousing chorus of Nol Coward's "Stately Homes of England" is heard as the opening titles of The Grass Is Greener fade into several stock shots of those stately homes. One of these mansions is owned by British earl Victor Rhyall (Cary Grant), who opens his home to American tourists in order to make ends meet. One such tourist is wealthy Texan Charles Delacro (Robert Mitchum), who sets his sights upon Victor's lovely wife, Hilary (Deborah Kerr). In his efforts to win back his wife, Victor presses his former girlfriend Hattie Durant (Jean Simmons) into service. The Grass Is Greener was adapted by Hugh and Margaret Williams from their own stage play.

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14 reviews
Russell Rogers
August 4, 2021
Never has infidelity been so civil in this salacious 1960's dry comedy. Carey Grants' character is impossibly chill for someone who is emotionally and physically wounded through this stage-to-screen feature. The comedy of this film is extremely subtle and almost entirely through wordplay. While the blatant (but not graphic) adultery is worn on it's sleeve which may not be tolerable for some viewers; the message of love in the end is actually admirable and sweet.
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