The House

2017 • 88 minutes
1.36K reviews
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After Scott (Will Ferrell) and Kate (Amy Poehler) Johansen lose their daughter Alex’s college fund, they become desperate to earn it back so she can pursue her dream of attending a university. With the help of their neighbor Frank (Jason Mantzoukas), they decide to start an illegal casino in the basement of his house.
1.36K reviews
October 7, 2017
In the 88 minutes that this film delivers, you'll be lucky to get a minute and a half of a chuckle. The one funny scene involves the removal of a card counting cheat's middle finger. It is funny, but it also falls under a used up cliche'. The main reason this movie fails to be funny is due in part to the very unfunny and boring actress Amy Poehler and the steady decline of Will Ferrell's comedic deliveries. Blend the two stars together and throw in a stupid plot and you have a very forgettable movie. I would even go as far as saying it is one of the worst comedies I've seen since "Sisters". A total waste of time and money
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Mister Ray
February 13, 2022
This is one of my favorite comedies and I usually am not a Will Ferral fan. The premise is one I've thought about, so to see it carried out Vegas style was hilarious! The daughter being on the outside made the parents try to hide their activities and again just truly hilarious, when it was scripted. Some of the improv was forced and while it might have been fun to film, those were (to me) the only jokes that fell flat. Check the gag reels for proof. 9.7/10 (make more movies with Amy Phohler!)
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Don Harrison
September 30, 2017
Do not buy, rent or even view this film. It is absolutely one of the worst films ever made. The plot is infantile, puerile and totally humorless. The characters ars shallow, poorly developed and the dialogue redundant. How someone financed this debacle is beyond comprehension. I wasted two hours of my life waiting for some rescue from this drudge, but the only redemption is " The End". Even the bloopers after the credits were lifeless and stale. This a total abomination of a film
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