The Internship Unrated

2013 • 125 minutes
2.83K reviews
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Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson team up to crash the digital world in this laugh-out-loud buddy comedy that clicks—now even more outrageous in the UNRATED version you couldn't see in theaters! When old-school salesmen Billy (Vaughn) and Nick (Wilson) attempt to reboot their obsolete careers by joining Google's prestigious internship program, the competition is as intense as it is hilarious!

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2.83K reviews
P Gai82
March 17, 2014
I didn't think much of this when it hit theaters originally but after watching it on Gplay I was very happy with it. Great comedy all around. Vince Vaughn once again does a wonderful job, even propping up Owen Wilson who can be quite dull a lot of the time. Vaughn similarly has the "Adam Sandler Syndrome" (like Wilson) where they just can't ever seem to change their personalities therefore you pretty much know what you're getting in their movies. Even so, there was something refreshing about this movie, the morality of the story was nice (if cliche). I recommend to rent online.
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Jason Falter
December 13, 2013
The Internship was hilarious and it had my wife and I cracking up all the way through. If you’re into Google like me then you will be in Google paradise. I really liked the story of the older generation being able to show the younger generation that sometimes the old ways of looking at things don’t necessarily mean they are antiquated by tech of today. While in return, tech can bring everything together and coincide with those old ways just perfectly. Some other things we noticed: 1) It was nice to see Josh Brener from the Samsung SG3 and Note 2 commercials turn in a big co-starring role. 2) The Google Campus is amazing every time you see it and from where ever you see it. 3) Parts of the movie was shot right here in Atlanta, Georgia. 4) On the Google campus it looks like most people sport the Samsung Chromebook or a Mac. 5) Yo-Yo steals the show many times. 6) Don’t blink or you may miss the 2 Sergey Brin cameos. 7) Harry Potter fans will WANT to see this movie. You will laugh at the Quidditch match. It was a great movie that further highlights Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s comedic talent while at the same time showcasing a great company. Don’t miss it.
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Bobby Mulligan
November 21, 2013
A very funny film; Not just another Vaughn and Wilson film I found this far funnier than I expected. It was hilarious to a young, tech savvy generation. I thought the movie progressively got better and better, after a pretty slow start. Many of my friends enjoyed it with some crude humor as well as some very good dialogue. A good movie for young or middle-aged adults. Definitely worth seeing and will be sure to leave you laughing.
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