The Islands and the Whales

2016 • 80 minutes
3 reviews
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In the archipelago of the Faroe Islands the traditional hunting of seabirds and pilot whales continues to provide food for the table, but many doubt this way of life will continue. Local seabirds are in catastrophic decline and whales are highly contaminated with mercury and PCBs. As the islanders come to terms with health revelations, they face pressure from the outside world to stop whale hunts.

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3 reviews
Elaine Walls
December 16, 2017
The Faroese KNOW the Pilot whale meat is highly toxic, yet cling to a violent tradition for the sake of bloodlust. It is disgusting. They blame other countries for the pollution, yet continue to eradicate fish, cetaceans and sea birds. They need to evolve. It is not the 1600s anymore. No need to destroy our ocean dwellers to survive.
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Dirk Willden (daknife)
February 11, 2018
The Faroese people are a wonderful culture who understand where their food comes from. Without the whales what are they to eat? Little will grow there.
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