The Killer

2022 • 95 minutes
1 review
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About this movie

Ui-gang is a retired hitman who has it all. One day his wife takes a trip to Jeju Island and leaves him with a favor. Her friend on the trip has a 17-year old daughter, Yoon-ji, who will be left alone during their three week vacation. Ui-gang reluctantly agrees to look after Yoon-ji to make sure she doesn't get into trouble. But she does. After some poor choices, and before she even realizes it, Yoon-ji finds herself in a situation far more dangerous than she ever imagined. But just as she is in over her head, her captors too will find themselves with more than they can handle when Ui-gang shows up to take her home.
1 review
Evelyn Coleman
March 21, 2023
Sure the plot could have been more original but that's not the actor's fault. I love Hyunk in everything he does. Still not feeling the young girl. She seemed too thoughtless as a character to feel much empathy for her which sort of sucked. Overall the the fight scenes were great. Would I watch as many times as I've watched The Man from Nowhere, no, but I would watch it again maybe once. Hyunk is as good as Reeves playing Wick to me and this plot is about the same too. Russian Mafia? Why?
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