The Kingdom

2007 • 110 minutes
799 reviews
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Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner ignite the screen in this high-octane action thriller about a team of elite FBI agents sent to Saudi Arabia to find a killer before he strikes again.
799 reviews
Timothy Anderson
January 4, 2015
Ninth grade Wahhabi Hadif taught to 14-year-old boys in Saudi Arabia says, "The day of judgment will not arrive until Muslims fight Jews, and Muslim will kill Jews until the Jew hides behind a tree or a stone. Then the tree and the stone will say, 'Oh Muslim, oh, servant of God, this is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.' Those that misguidedly believe that the people of Saudi Arabia are our friends will think this movie a terrible Hollywood interpretation of our peaceful allies. Acting is superb, direction is lightning fast. The premise if fundamentally flawed, allowing the FBI free reign in the Kingdom, but if you can suspend that disbelief, be ready for a wild ride.
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Christopher Hardin
June 18, 2017
I love this movie easily one of Jamie Fox's best performances of his career and the last 30-45 minutes are the most intense action scenes you will ever witness. Its an absolute edge of your seat action packed blockbuster that you do not want to miss
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Hatmi Souad
June 11, 2021
I highly recommend this Movie...It will give you a true understanding of the gore terrorism dilemma in the Arabian Peninsula especially K.S.A. Great acting, Great cast...This truly did happened but they switched the scenario around with new characters and settings.
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