The Long Walk

2022 • 115 minutes
4 reviews
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About this movie

An old scavenger living on the fringes of a near-future society exploits a ghostly companion's ability to traverse time, hoping to prevent his mother's suffering from a terminal illness.

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4 reviews
March 3, 2022
It's great movie. I DON'T KNOW HOW THEY'LL GET OUT OF"WONDERLAND" Why do they send a bus/Chariot to take them to the city as they are going to die? 🧹🌪🛬💀👜💸 Do they go to jail right then? Well luckily the Goddess/ THE GOOD WITCH & the Governor noticed someone has a job cutting firewood for the baker "no one steals white bread" or white pills...each day 1 hauls a battery/block ice/ or firewood ..crazy old people & kids need 🔮 GPS📱around a witch? Seen him with Her ruby red 💉🤳 phone ENGLISH
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Derek Spranger
June 25, 2022
I'm glad to see South East Asians getting more exposure. Telling new stories and not the same dribble that Hollywood keeps releasing.
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Corey Gab (Gabs)
March 12, 2022
Sick and tired of se5non English movies
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