The Machinist

2004 • 101 minutes
299 reviews
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Trevor Reznik (Christian Bale) hasn't slept in a year. The shocking deterioration of his physical and mental health has made his every waking moment an unrelenting state of confusion, paranoia, guilt, anxiety and terror. When cryptic notes turn up mysteriously in his apartment and hallucinations of a co-worker that no one else sees causes a gruesome machine shop injury, he embarks on a journey to find out whether there is an elaborate plot to drive him mad or his fatigue has simply robbed him of reason.
299 reviews
April 9, 2021
Classic movie. SPOILER: The main character in this film has died in a car crash after fleeing a hit-and-run accident in which he killed a young boy. He is now in purgatory and cannot rest in peace until he comes to terms with what he has done. The Machinist is essentially a film about a deceased soul confronting its own sin and shadow. The reason some people dislike this film is because they fail to realize this underlying scenario, although the director gives us many clues that this is, in fact, the case. Do not listen to these naysayers. See this film.
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frank p
December 31, 2017
Confused is an understatement. I heard good things and reviews on this movie so after a long time of putting it off I finally sat and watched. It was I would have to admit, very intriguing pretty much the entire movie as it kept showing and hinting on something in the final end, or a big explanation for everything being shown. Not at all boring and the pace of the movie was pretty good. But than it ended. I was expecting a big "Wow" reveal, or having at least all the dots...(clues and whatnot the movie was putting out there) to connect at the end, something that would maybe leave me speechless. But unfortunately I never got that. It ended, and in my opinion, there was no explanation to what much of the story was about, or even hinting on and why christian bale's character was so very thin. I'm just shaking my head on what I just saw. In my opinion this is would be considered "Art Film" I would have to say that this genre can either be a hit or a miss with it's audience meaning that, not all people watching will understand or get these images or even metaphors that are used and can also be used a lot, which can be confusing such in the case of another movie called "Enemy" with Jake Gyllenhaal (also not easily to understand and again very confusing). I love film and good ones, but unfortunately I myself don't see this as great as probably many people say it is. Definitely not for everyone.
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JP Michel
December 18, 2012
Not the best of bale's roles (not his fault the script is poor) but the effort he made to carry on his paper as close to the character as possible is admirable, I haerd he almost died during this film's production due to the diet he was following. Long story short watch this movie if you want to see why he's the best actor in yhe world
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