The Mask of Fu Manchu

1932 • 68 minutes
10 reviews
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About this movie

A group of Englishmen race to find the tomb of Ghengis Khan before the evil Dr. Fu Manchu and his daughter get to it and take over the world.

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10 reviews
Jack Eden
July 13, 2018
This is of the same type as the Indiana Jones movies, down to the bad stereotyping of other cultures. In some ways it's worse, because the white fears about other races are in-your- face. However, in spite of this, the movie proved entertaining. Just remember, it is not an 80s action movie. One special note, the singer in the cantina-singer(starting about 40:40) was a big-name silent-movie star in China, reduced to this unnamed role. Her name was Olive Young (known as Aili Yang in China). She would have been a good choice here for the Fu Manchu's daughter, having done villain roles in her silent films. Her movies have perished with time, but a picture has survived of her in one of her villain roles, playing Princess Iron Fan. It's on Wikipedia under "Olive Young (actress)".
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