The Masque Of The Red Death (1964)

1964 • 88 minutes
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About this movie

Death an debauchery reign in the castle of Price Prospero...and when it reigns it pours in this, the seventh of director Roger Corman's celebrated "Poe Cycle." The Red Death is sweeping through Europe and has recently arrived in a village lorded over by the cruel and sadistic Prince Prospero (Vincent Price). While visiting his village, the beautiful young Francesca (Jane Asher) catches Prospero's lascivious eye. But, when the Prince also finds an old villager who is dying of the Red Death, he orders that the entire town be burned to the ground and forcibly whisks Francesca away. At his castle, Prospero has Francesca groomed for his personal debauchery and makes plans for a masquerade ball, sending out dozens of invitations to the local nobility; if they wish, they may join him and avoid the plague in luxury. But once the nobles have arrived and the festivities have begun, a mysterious red-cloaked guest enters and the evening turns into an inescapable danse macabre!

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