The Master Strikes Back

1985 • 90 minutes
1 review
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About this movie

In 'The Master Strikes Back', Ti Lung returns to play a famous weapons instructor in this unofficial sequel to 'The Kung-fu Instructor'. After a famous weapon master's son is kidnapped and castrated, he embarks on a chaotic, whirlwind killing spree of slicing and dicing.

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1 review
Tracy Alan
March 19, 2022
The story is okay, if not a tad gory and with scenes that should be adult audiences. Compared to the earlier story line of the instructor, it was not as impressive on displaying the skill set of the Master with the pole or with other weapons. The story line also felt incomplete as characters brought in but not all wrapped up at the end, so it left the viewer dangling. It's okay, but compared to earlier Ti Lung movies, it doesn't really do him justice. I've seen a number of his films in the past and even those in his later senior roles, and he really is skillful with a wide variety of weapons and hand to hand combat. He's not just a handsome actor but one that is actually skilled. This film also has english subtitles as well.
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