The Rocky Horror Picture Show

1975 • 98 minutes
150 reviews
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About this movie

Fasten your garter belt and come up to the lab and see what's on the slab! It's The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a screamingly funny, sinfully twisted salute to sci-fi, horror, B-movies and rock music, all rolled into one deliciously decadent morsel. The madcap, musical mayhem begins when rain-soaked Brad and Janet take refuge in the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite mad scientist from outer space who is about to unveil his greatest creation - and have a bit of fun with his reluctant guests! Join Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon and rock star Meat Loaf in the most popular cult classic of all time.

Ratings and reviews

150 reviews
Tyler Price
June 19, 2015
This movie is a very funny, cheesy, and groovy cult classic. Everything was spot on, and I now by that saying: Don`t dream it, be it. One thing I think could have had some improvement was Riff Raff`s lazer. It could have been designed to include a real lazer, then have some work on the editing. But thinking about it, there wasn`t really that kind of technology back in the 1970s. Another thing that could`ve been improved on was that some shots were not still. I think that would have made it a little better. Sometimes details matter. Overall, this definitely is the best cult classic of all time.
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Jhonny Olivo
November 13, 2015
Esta pelicula es una obra de arte sin dudar, ademas a marcado a toda una generacion con su significado de terror, tiene una trama epica apesar de ser un clasico y deberian verla por eso las 5 estrellas
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Andreina Alessio
April 6, 2020
es simplemente... MARAVILLOSA... Una obra revolucionara y rebelde para la época. La mezcla absurda de los géneros, el cuidado de los detalles, las letras de las canciones, los vestuarios... la amé!