The Rundown

2003 • 104 minutes
519 reviews
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About this movie

The Rock teams up with Seann William Scott for a wildly entertaining action-adventure that Good Morning America's Joel Siegel raves is "One of the year's biggest, most fun movies!" Beck (The Rock) is a bounty hunter sent into the treacherous jungles of the Amazon to bring the rebellious Travis (Seann William Scott) back to the States. When Beck and Travis reluctantly join forces to hunt down a priceless treasure, this unlikely team embarks on a pulse-pounding, non-stop thrill-ride.
519 reviews
A Google user
March 4, 2018
Great action sequences. I believe Dwayne Johnson delivered on this one. I thought it was on a good level of comedy for just an action movie. Sean William Scott took all the funny parts, too. Most of them, anyway. I usually like Christopher Walken in his movies, but especially this one. A great storyline, plot and ending. Hilarious, too
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Jim Antonopoulos
May 10, 2015
Dwayne Johnson is great. Action! The man can act, and has a sense of humor. Have you seen the lip sync contest with Fallon? FUNNY. All that to say this: this is one of his best he's done so far. And really, there have been a few stinkers. Watch it, you'll like it. Some great fight scenes here. Before you knock it, if you were expecting Shakespeare, give your head a shake. GO ROCKY! And by the way, CHRISTOPHER WALKEN is the bad guy! BOOM!
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Tracy Howland
May 5, 2014
The rock is my nephew so I am a little biased but this movie is just what the doctor ordered it has everything romance comedy action guaranteed to be in ur top 10 personal besr movies list
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