The Three Musketeers

1993 • 105 minutes
326 reviews
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About this movie

A star-studded comedy-adventure that dazzled moviegoers everywhere! It's the action-packed tale of three loyal swordsmen (Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt) who are joined by an eager recruit (Chris O'Donnell) to protect the King of France. Together, the foursome battle enormous odds in their attempt to defeat an evil royal advisor (Tim Curry) and a seductive envoy (Rebecca De Mornay) plotting to overthrow France's crown -- fighting against both time and scores of enemies! You'll cheer out loud when these exciting musketeers face danger, fun, and adventure at every turn -- proving they are the greatest swashbucklers who ever lived!
326 reviews
Matthew Dowell
September 20, 2015
One of the better(and fun) swashbucklers. Even though it's cheesy at times, the humor and cast make up for some of the shortcomings, the director doesn't shy away from some darker/serious moments that keep the movie pacing engaging throughout. The movie has held up surprisingly well.
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May 7, 2015
As undeniably cheesy as this movie is, its also fantastic. I used to watch it as a child and I still watch it now. I would have no compunctions letting any kids watch this movie. I adore Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt, Charlie Sheen, and Tim Curry's perfomances. I like what they brought to the characters.
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Sam Rothermel
January 13, 2015
It can't be denied. From the fun 90s, this movie is unabashedly entertaining even though it does try a few times to drama things up. They don't take away from the fun mentality too much, it's just too good of a roller coaster.
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