The Transporter

2002 • 92 minutes
959 reviews
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About this movie

Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is the best at what he does: transporting dangerous or illegal goods with no questions asked. But his last shipment, a beautiful young woman kidnapped by international slave traders, brings deadly complications to his delivery plans. Now Frank must kick into overdrive in a nonstop action-packed fight to save his precious cargo - and his life.

Ratings and reviews

959 reviews
MOVIE Master Vevo
October 26, 2016
Let's start off by saying it is nowhere near good at all it has plenty of flaws and the storyline isn't to original but Jason makes this movie amazing with his bad a** attitude! Definitely worth a watch at least once if you like these types of films.
Don Rake
December 27, 2015
I'm a fan of Jason Statham flicks, but I can't believe this movie spawned two sequels, a remake, and launched the career of one of Hollywood's biggest action stars. The plot was bad, the dialogue was bad, and the fight scenes were bad.
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Conor Wilson
March 31, 2018
I have been a lover of this movie since I was young. I watched every single movie. I do not feel the need to watch the new TV series at all.