The Truth About Marriage

2020 • 81 minutes
3 reviews
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Award-winning documentarian Roger Nygard (Trekkies, The Nature of Existence) explains why relationships fail, and provides scientifically researched tips on how to find one that goes the distance. We all know the statistics: marriage rates are down, divorce rates are up, and over time, people are more and more dissatisfied in their relationships and marriages. Never in history have we expected so much from romantic partners and gotten so little. Why do people keep getting married when fifty percent break up? Tracking down the experts, Nygard sets out to solve the mystery of relationships and discovers surprising scientific facts about how we find each other to begin with, how to increase the chances of finding a soulmate, and why what we call fate is anything but. The Truth About Marriage is a powerful documentary steeped in the mysteries of attraction and psychology, while never losing sight of romance, joy, and comedy.

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3 reviews
George Mandl
March 17, 2020
This compelling documentary does a fantastic job guiding us through the complex, confusing, and often misunderstood world of what comprises a successful marriage. By watching this film, I discovered multiple secrets I was not aware of, thanks to the broad range of experts (and regular people with tips and stories of their own). I sort of feel like I had therapy I didn't know I needed, given to me by a group of friends I didn't know I had. Everyone is different, and every marriage is unique. Through the course of this film, we get a wide range of situations, challenges, and solutions. I highly recommend this movie. If you have questions about your own marriage it will answer at least half of them!
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Sharmeen Azmudeh
February 22, 2020
Another home run for Nygard! Roger Nygard does it again bringing us another unique and insightful documentary all about the union of marriage. We follow Nygard’s journey to unlock the history of marriage as well as other nonconventional relationships, and all the tips and tricks to making it work. Being a woman who has been married, divorced as well as engaged twice, I have gained a library of useful advice to put forth in my current personal relationship. As always, Nygard’s film flows beautifully not only educating us all on a subject that is extremely relatable to the population, but it’s his witty and light-hearted charm that makes this documentary stand out from the rest. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is married, divorced, engaged, or simply just curious what marriage is all about. Keep those documentaries coming Roger!
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