The Wall's Embrace

2018 • 34 minutes
5 reviews
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About this movie

The Wall's Embrace emotionally explores the psychological impact of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial through the deeply stirring and painful recollections of veterans and Gold Star families. The power of The Wall to heal is on full display though the emotional narratives of those that served and those that stayed home. In the words of founder Jan Scruggs, "It will always be an extraordinary place."

Ratings and reviews

5 reviews
David J. Smolar, Kikayon Productions
September 7, 2018
Compelling, moving documentary like you've never seen. This stunning, empathetic account of the impact of the Vietnam Wall on veterans of the war covers a topic never attempted. For years, the Wall has stood as a memorial, a touchstone for those who served in many capacities. But it also reopens old wounds, sparking emotions of pride and sorrow. The Wall's Embrace explores the soldiers, medical staff, and others who served, trying to understand the catharsis they experienced by the Wall's enduring presence. This is not a war story -- this is humanity. Feel free to share this film with anyone who's been touched by war. They'll surely understand.
Jessica LaTorre
September 8, 2018
The story of The Wall and its major role in shifting our nation’s attitude towards the vets is brilliantly pieced together from the personal accounts of some truly awe-inspiring individuals. “The Wall’s Embrace” gave me a completely new understanding of this special memorial. I’ll never look at it the same way, and I believe than anyone who has seen this documentary would agree that they too have a vastly different appreciation for The Wall.
A Google user
September 9, 2018
More than an account of the healing of Vietnam veterans, The Wall’s Embrace is an intimate, immersive sharing of that experience. Compassionately told and highly engaging, it’s cathartic for the viewer as well as for its subjects. Don’t miss it.