The Wretched

2020 • 95 minutes
55 reviews
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A rebellious teenage boy embarks on a gutsy crusade to stop the terrifying evil he suspects has possessed his neighbor in this bone-chilling occult thriller.

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55 reviews
Tom Grimes
October 19, 2020
I know what's wrong with this movie: It has no teleology. "Psycho" was a study of mental illness unrestrained and untreated. Shelley's/Laemmle's "Frankenstein" was a study of the unrestrained intrusion of science into the provinces of nature better left unmolested. It's not that a teleology teaches us anything. But it helps the writer produce a better, more profound work. I may not have needed to be told that untreated psychopathology can lead to perversion, but it helped the screenwriter Joe Stefano, and the novelist Bob Bloch create a fascinating study of the consequences of untreated illness. That study held audiences and produced a film classic. This movie, "The Wretched," had no point. It was a study of nothing. It was a series of sight gags. Without an organizing principle, actors are left flailing, engaged in a pointless creative exercise.
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Kelly Fields
August 10, 2020
This movie is a keeper. Curl up you are in for an amazing ride. Continual creeps beginning to end. No fillers. Not a B movie either. It's got an original story line. Great acting. Actually entertains , instead of the feeling that your just a consumer, and another sucker that's been trapped by click bait. Loved it. Had the creeps for hours after, it's like a good buzz. No dirt weed here. Dank. Dive in kiddies!:)
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Bryan Melka
May 4, 2020
Great movie! This is one of the best I have seen in recent memory aside from The Invisible Man. The acting, visual effects, and cinematography are all top notch. The story may be a little predictable but I really liked it, irregardless. This is a very polished horror movie that is absolutely worth a watch.
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