This Land Is Mine

2014 • 103 minutes
7 reviews
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When Nazi troops seize his town, timid schoolmaster Albert Lory (Charles Laughton) submits to his new masters, although he cannot help but be inspired by the defiance of many of his fellow citizens. Then Albert is hauled before a tribunal, falsely accused of murder. Standing alone against the power of the Third Reich, this seemingly weak man then reveals an invincible soul. Three of cinema's most acclaimed talents -- Laughton, director Jean Renoir (Grand Illusion) and screenwriter Dudley Nichols (Stagecoach) -- unite for this moving portrait of the heroism of everyday men and women. The stellar cast includes Maureen O'Hara (Laughton's protégée and his The Hunchback of Notre Dame costar) as the colleague he secretly loves, George Sanders as a covert collaborator, and Walter Slezak as a wily Nazi officer who holds Albert's fate in his hands. "A courageous film...a story cleanly and maturely told" (Bosley Crowther, The New York Times).

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7 reviews
April 26, 2020
This is a wonderful parable of the human need for freedom, and COURAGE!.......THERE IS NO FREEDOM,...WITHOUT 'COURAGE'! Chales Laughton's protrayal of a 'sheeple' becoming a 'lion' of courage, is exactly what is needed today, while Americans --- many seeming to have LOST THEIR 'WILL' TO BE A FREE-PEOPLE, cower under bogus 'stay-at-home', and 'social-distancing' dictates of wicked-autocrats like Dr. Fauci (CDC), and Tedros (WHO),.... and petty-dictator LEFTIST government-officials---who relish their tin-pot-TYRANNY, and lordship over people's activities,.... and ALL of it under the guise, or pretext of 'public-health'. This film presents a similar tyranny exercised by the 'National-SOCIALISTS', and their brother COMMUNISTS of the last century. And just as ONLY 'COURAGE' DEFEATED THEM,.. so too, must we find COURAGE to defeat the present insidious-DATA-propaganda,.. and it's resulting TYRANNICAL-response by government-officials. By first defeating the FEAR within ourselves,, did Charles Laughton's character in this wonderful film! In his character's case, it was through his love of the people he knew,... ultimately it was a revelation of TRUTH,...! I believe that truth is in God of the Bible. Today we have a similar, though peculiar 'FEAR' being thrust upon us in the 'corona-virus' pandemic (and it's 'cooked' data), in which the virus itself does NOT rise to the level of 'DANGER' that it is being proferred---- through COOKED-UP-DATA,.. an OVER-HYSTERICAL LEFT-MEDIA,.. the DEMOCRAT-PARTY,... and LEFTIST-GOVERNMENT-OFFICIALS (administrative-state--Dr.Fauci,Dr.Birx, or Dr. Tam in Canada's health-admin. These are the unacountable 'deep-state-ers' who serve themselves, and Elitist-billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and George Soros)! Yes,.. this time FEAR-MONGERING has reached new levels of sophistication,, 'censorship' of TRUTH by LEFT-MEDIA, and PC-Social-Media, as part of .media-persuation,..while TRUTH and FREEDOM have again become 'the-enemies-of-peace',.. according to those 'WHO MAKE A DESERT, AND CALL IT PEACE'! Tyranny has taken-on a different DISGUISE,.. but that familiar-phrase---'the PUBLIC-GOOD,..or PUBLIC-HEALTH is again today's 'Trojan-Horse' to coerce compliance-to-a-deceit! Remember that,. WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR,..BUT 'FEAR-ITSELF'.....! And again this rings especially true, when LEFTIST-media/government/elites are forcing people to stay-home,...not work,.. social-distance,...and BE FEARFUL,.. based on cooked-up 'dooms-day-data', While the very behavior they 'authorize' is MUCH MORE DESTRUCTIVE TO HEALTH AND LIFE,.. than the over-hyped contagion they claim we will defeat ONLY by following THEIR RIDICULUS, DESTRUCTIVE, AND INEFFECTIVE-GUIDELINES! What a twisted-tyranny we have allowed to over-take us? But if we can defeat OUR OWN FEAR of the over-hyped virus,..99% of those infected RECOVER,.. .... We can also defeat the loss-of-liberty imposed on us by over-reaching government-autocrats,experts, and officials who 'COOK' the Data to instigate fear,... and then manipulate us BY MEANS OF OUR OWN FEAR! Our own FEAR (of this hyped-up virus) is MORE DANGEROUS,. than this, or ANY, corona-virus!
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