Tower To The People

2016 • 110 minutes
12 reviews
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About this movie

Discover the truth about Nikola Tesla's most ambitious experiment for humanity using a mysterious tower at a lab called Wardenclyffe. Though his dream of FREE wireless energy was crushed by the day's corporate titans, the world would unite generations later to correct the great historical injustice in this inspirational true story.

Ratings and reviews

12 reviews
She Mac
March 12, 2016
I saw this film at the Crest theater in LA and was blown away- so I couldn't wait to see it again & have rented it twice already! It's the most detailed documentary I've ever seen on Tesla and centers around his work on Long Island where he built a tower to give free power to the entire earth. The filmmakers show the science in layman's terms and tell the story of how J.P Morgan sabotaged Tesla's humanitarian endeavors. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see the exchange back in forth between the two through a painful series of letters beautifully executed by the director. When the tower was destroyed, the people in front of me were crying and i teared up too. But instead of ending in tragedy, the film follows a non-profit's journey to save the property where the lab stood. After many struggles themselves they are able to save it through a crowd funding campaign as a permanent tribute to Nikola Tesla. And I teared up again! It really is a fantastic, thought provoking and inspirational movie with some of the best graphics I've ever seen in a documentary. I really loved this film and its beautiful, poetic flow of story telling. It's by far the best documentary I've seen in many years.
Donna Rumore
March 19, 2016
Wow- I'm so glad I stumbled across this in the new releases section. I've wanted to know more about Tesla and took a chance on this even though I've never heard of it. This is a great film that is just captivating all the way through. So sad for Tesla, but at least people are starting to understand what he wanted to achieve, as well documented in this very artistically done work. Kudos to all involved for telling this important story and working so hard to save his lab site. Never realized what a jerk J.P Morgan was. This is a part of history that should be taught in every school! A+++
Hal Gifford
March 21, 2016
Best. Documentary. Ever. This movie is AWESOME! To think I was a little afraid to rent it after reading the critic review, but seems clear now this dbag (like much of the media) hates Tesla. No wonder most people never heard of the greatest scientist ever. The film shows how Tesla's attempt to give free energy to the world was NOT haphazard, but well planned and demonstrated. It was greed that tore down the tower, but the people will always rise up and bring justice to history! It's a great film with so much information to digest that I ended up purchasing it so I can see it again. Hope to make it to his lab someday!