Truly Texas Mexican

2021 • 86 minutes
4 reviews
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Over time and during conquest, Texas Mexican food (not tex-mex) sustained Native American memory and identity. Cooking foods like nopalitos, deer, mesquite and tortillas, indigenous women led the cultural resistance against colonization. 15,000 years ago, Native American women domesticated the plants and cooked the same game and fish we eat today. It's the "comida casera," (home cooking) of contemporary Texas Mexican American families. Comida casera was made famous in the late 1800s by indigenous businesswomen, chefs, who operated outdoor diners in downtown San Antonio. Later dubbed "Chili Queens," the chefs were harassed and forced out of business, victims of racism. But other women followed in their footsteps throughout the state, they kept on cooking. Chefs, artists and community leaders in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Brownsville and other cities share intimate food experiences that shape who they are today, facing a history of discrimination, dispossession and violence. The road movie weaves through Texas cities, naming the racism that erased Native American history and celebrating the food that kept alive the community's living memory and heritage. Food narrates who we are, and indigenous Texas Mexican food questions what it means to be "American." It offers a new type of encounter. One of understanding, building a table where ALL ARE WELCOME.

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4 reviews
Jose Luis Trevino Sr
February 7, 2022
Poor, lower class or no-class people have suffered much especially in San Antonio, Texas. The Forgotten Few are still being targeted in the West Side of San Antonio. Boardway Avenue in the River Norrh Area has been paved and replaced so many times—lost track. Meanwhile, General Mullen Avenue and other major streets are begging for some consideration. Las Palmas Complex (H.E.B) and the Shopping strip mall on General Mullen and Castroville Roads resembled a third world country setting. Except for good Truly Texas Mexican Food not much has changed.
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joann delgado
February 6, 2022
It's about our heritage. Loved it!
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doris barnes
March 9, 2021
This is a Awesome movie about the real American are are not being told about 💖💖💖❤❤❤❤❤❤
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