2021 • 93 minutes
9 reviews
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A fracking horror story that follows two neighboring farm families who find their relationships are strained when one of them chooses to lease their land to a natural gas company. In the midst of growing tension, the land is drilled, and something long-dormant and terrifying, deep beneath the earth's surface is released. Unearth is about the horrifying repercussions that are sown by shortsighted decisions, and what our children reap from our actions.

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9 reviews
Chris Fontanes
July 7, 2021
Kind of feels like an early A24 film before they hit their stride. You know there's something to say about the American health care system when people are coughing up blood and goo and have gaping wounds that won't heal and they STILL won't go to the doctor.
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Jay Martin
August 29, 2021
Not sure why so many bad reviews? but, glad i ignored them and I watched this movie. Its not your typical horror movie. Its more drama for first half of the move and slow horror thriller storyline which is later in the climax to ending of the movie. I liked the movie.
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Donna Elosser
July 30, 2021
TERRIBLE ! PLEASE, save yourself the hr and 40 mins you'll NEVER get back. BAD, bad bad.
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