2015 • 99 minutes
156 reviews
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100 celebrities narrate this enlightening documentary that re-examines the interconnectedness of all life on Earth, ponders our place in the universe, while taking viewers on an epic journey through the history of civilization and beyond. In this compassionate and inspiring film, your heart and mind are taken on a rollercoaster ride that is inspiring, horrifying and enlightening all at once, the perfect balance between light and shadow. UNITY is a powerful and unique film about being kind to each other, to ourselves and to all the beings on this beautiful planet.

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156 reviews
Jessica Pacynski
December 16, 2017
Had very little to do with animals and focused mainly on humans, and not in a way of what humans need to do for animals and see animals as their equal. I have no idea how some of these reviews say it made them go vegan, it barely touched on animals.
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Matthew Rhucroft
November 11, 2015
Who's egos did that £4.50 go to then... Bit too American for my British taste - pasteurised cheese. Supposed to be all worldly but most of the images were American. Not bad, just not that good and not worth £4.50.
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Sara Rodriguez
September 12, 2017
One of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I saw Earthlings (prequel to Unity) and went vegan on the spot; this movie is a great follow up done by the same producer. If only everyone could open their eyes and understand we are all one. We are all love. We are all Earthlings. I hope this movie inspires people to be kind to one another and to consider a compassionate vegan lifestyle. Animals feel joy, fear, and pain, just like us - yet they are the most exploited, mistreated species on the planet. This documentary can be life-changing to those with an open mind and heart.
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