2011 • 97 minutes
124 reviews
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After meeting one lonely Friday night at a bar, Russell (Tom Cullen) and Glen (Chris New) find themselves caught up in an lost weekend full of sex, drugs, and startling emotional connection. In the fast-fleeting couple of days, the reservations of earnest Russell come head to head with Glen's more strident sexual identity, and the romantic outlooks of both men are affected deeply. When Monday comes, despite the unexpected intimacy they've established, can the pair survive the mundane challenge of separation?
124 reviews
Chad Watkins
December 29, 2017
Genuine and Revealing I feel that Weekend is one of those films that focuses on the modern world and how one survives it. I believe that the protagonist and his interest possess inherent flaws which flare after a chance encounter. I feel that the movie reflects how life truly is: messy and unpredictable. I think that nudity and the use of drugs were tactful here. I do not feel that the director tried to sensationalize anything. I believe that the work artfully depicts two men who cope with age-old feelings in a turbulent, changing society. I feel that the ending is creative and pensive. Indeed, the film is one of my favorite LGBT movies!
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Peter C. Frank (NiteStar)
December 31, 2012
An emotionally wrenching film depicting the raw reality of love in some of its forms. Some people gave the move 1 star because of the ending; this is definite *not* a movie with a storybook or Cinderella ending, which makes it even more real and gut-wrenching. Make sure you have a box of tissues by your side when you watch this. It's definitely worth watching and a *MUST SEE*! The acting is at a level where you're lulled into a sense that you're watching someone's lives, and not actors who are acting the part of a screenplay.
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Dave Haase
May 11, 2016
This is one of those low-budget films that is all too caught up in itself. It's a boy meets boy story told with all the bad elements of a home-made movie: sloppy dialog that is only understandable with there is nothing to say, and complete mumble when it portends to be important; jumpy un-focused photography that went out of style 20 years ago; a plot that never goes anywhere and a totally predictable ending. It's a movie about a quasi-developing relationship that is more founded on drugs and sex than real emotion, and I guess it is supposed to be a look into a gay world of 2-night stands, where neither partner have similar goals. It's a perfect example of drama being life with the boring parts left out. However this seems to be just the opposite: a story about just the boring parts of life.
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