What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?

1966 • 116 minutes
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About this movie

James Coburn ("The Magnificent Seven"), Dick Shawn ("The Producers"), Carroll O'Connor ("The Devil's Brigade") and Harry Morgan ("Support Your Local Sheriff!") star in this hilarious wartime comedy from the legendary Blake Edwards ("The Pink Panther") and screenwriter William Peter Blatty. It's World War II Italy and by-the-book Captain Lionel Cash (Shawn) is sent by his general (O'Connor) to take over a troop of misfit soldiers, led by the wily and resourceful Lieutenant Christian (Coburn). Cash's orders? To capture a nearby village. And when he arrives, he finds the Italian soldiers are only too eager to surrender...but first they insist that the Americans join them in a night of carousing at the local festival. By the time everyone comes to, the entire German and American armies are certain a fierce battle is in progress. Who wins? Who loses? Who ends up in the village beauty's bed? War may be hell, but it can sure be fun!

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