2016 • 93 minutes
3 reviews
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Award winning documentary Wrenched, by activist filmmaker ML Lincoln, captures the outrage and enduring inspiration of Edward Abbey, one of America’s original irascible defenders of wildlands. Abbey lit the flame of radical environmental activism and gave the movement its soul. Wrenched is a provocative blend of unique archival footage and compelling interviews of Abbey’s feisty monkey-wrenching friends - the pioneers of eco-activism and direct action. This film exposes the complex, pivotal and uncompromising moments in environmental history and brings them into the present with Tim DeChristopher, a leader of today’s generation on climate activism. The fight continues to sustain the last bastion of the American wilderness - the true spirit of the West. And Wrenched, following in Abbey’s footsteps, asks the question: "How far are we willing go in defense of wilderness?"

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3 reviews
Ted Crawford
September 11, 2016
Just like Abbey, this film is the real deal. There were few environmentalists in the early 70's and fewer environmental activists willing to fight to protect our land from development. As we know now, "The Monkey Wrench Gang" changed all that and this film captures the history, the energy, courage and essence of the beginning of the fight. It's tragic at times, surprisingly funny as often, don't-leave-your-couch entertaining and in the end an accurate and inspirational memoir that will make you want to pick up a wrench! Thank you ML for this thoroughly wonderful film!
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Mary Lynn W.
June 6, 2018
When I was a kid I was introduced to the great outdoors, and it was not a separate part of life. It was part of everything. I grew up in the Midwest and read books and magazines that held grand photos of the West. And there I also would sit by my Pappaw's feet, listening to old mountain stories. Wrenched takes us back to the western voices calling for freedom, for wilderness. Edward Abbey was one such major voice. Rugged, real, and not apologetic for his views. He not only wrote stories but stayed active in protecting a place we all call home, a home that would not be without wilderness in it. Watching this film took me home, made me nostalgic, and also hopeful for newer voices and activists.
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