Bolts & Blip: Battle of the Lunar League

2014 • 78 minutes
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About this movie

From the makers of THE NUT JOB comes BOLTS & BLIP: BATTLE OF THE LUNAR LEAGUE. BFFs Bolts & Blip are just your average everyday robots who desperately want to become cool battle-bots and play in the coveted Lunar League of Robotic Sports. When the pair finally get their wish, they realize they are in over their heads, and soon discover what they are really made of as they battle against formidable foes such as the Tread Heads, Blood-Bots, Galaxy All-Stars, and the eccentrically evil Dr. Blood. (Original Title - Bol-cheu-wa Beul-lib) 2011 Copyright Toon Box Entertainment Ltd. and Redrover Co., Ltd.