2015 • 97 minutes
132 reviews
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About this movie

In this award-winning sci-fi thriller, three broke students invent a telepathy device, but when it’s stolen by a government agency, they’re forced against each other in a battle over the privacy of thought & the future of free will

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132 reviews
Young Moore
October 19, 2015
Typical alphabet soup agency taking control of anything that "could" be used as a weapon as mind control vs mind conscience sharing with global web access in real time. Technology like this could move our society from zero - .5. Imagine the great truth of just being able to record your dreams how amazing that would be on society. Stroke victims no longer having to try and say what they are thinking, they could just telepathically say it to their loved ones at any given time Very well done guys.
Shawn Maghzi
September 20, 2015
I've been waiting a long time to see this movie and it didn't disappoint. Looking forward to seeing what comes next from this writer/director.
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Jason Miller
June 4, 2016
BMI/BCI is my area of research and let me tell you that except for the fatal recursion this movie is reality...