Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

2000 • 104 minutes
5.64K reviews
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About this movie

You Better Watch Out! He's green...he's mean...and he hates Christmas! The Grinch is a bad tempered hairy green creature, who live inside a cave atop Mount Crumpit, overlooking the village of Whoville. As the Whos of Whoville frantically prepare for their yuletide celebrations, The Grinch decides to put a stop to Christmas once and for all, and steals all their presents and decorations on Christmas Eve...only to finally come to learn that the true spirit of Christmas goes much deeper than tinsel and toys. The hilarious Jim Carrey spectacularly brings The Grinch to the life in this magical live- action comedy which is based on the wonderfully quirky and well-loved book "Dr.Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

Ratings and reviews

5.64K reviews
Tyler Hampton
December 25, 2012
The movie has barely anything to do with the Grinch. Nothing but pop culture references and needless vulgar comedy. If you want to see a guy act like a dofof us in green latex and a man kissing a dogs hole, then I guess this movie is for you. If you want to watch a good Grinch, then watch the original and don't watch this. Whoever said that the Grinch needed an update was a big fat lier.
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Kyle Vansteelandt
December 21, 2020
Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch stole Christmas was the original animated classic by Chuck Jones that became a heart-warming timeless hit for all families as well as for Christmas itself. Now, Ron Howard is the producer and director of this live-action version/remake/update and I have no idea why they decided to make it into a comedy and hire Jim Carry as the title character. I really don't know why? It was as if, Ron Howard realized that Saturday Night Live has recently became a major hit for everyone and he has seen the original animated film, so he decided to make it a full-length adaptation of the Grinch that embraces the traditional sense of Saturday Night Live. Unlike the original source which is straightly subtle, this one is more wacky, kooky, and of course: cartoony. I find it very questionable, odd, and maybe even unacceptable. But, I actually enjoyed this goofy film. Here's why: Even though the thought of making a charming Dr. Suess story into a strangely boisterous comedy with Jim Carry in the spotlight is unacceptable, I will forgive this film if it's actually funny, and surprisingly enough, It's actually very funny with slick concepts, including shifting the screenplay to fast forward mode in some parts, the well-utilized comical tone and well-paced timing that is thorough, the off-the-wall imagery, and Jim Carry's bombastic satire performance. I like how Ron Howard manipulated the comedy. The only problem with the comedy is that there are two butt jokes that are vulgar. Anyways, There is even a decent amount of heart and emotion as well and I find the emotional aspect of the film upbeat. What's even more upbeat, is that the visuals (or the production design), the rhymes, and the costumes for the cast to wear is faithfully accurate to the original source of Dr. Suess. And the film gives us a backstory about why the Grinch hated Christmas the whole Christmas season, that gives the Grinch some depth. The visual effects and special effects are especially great, but what's even more great is the moral of the film; strong messages about rejecting the commercialization of Christmas, celebrating love, gratefulness, and showing how even the smallest kindness can change the hardest heart. In conclusion: The heart is in the right place and Jim Carry is really funny as the title character, even if this goofy live-action updated remake is unfaithful to the original source material. Regardless, it's enjoyable, very amusing, and quite harmless for kids and adults alike. Recommended. 3.5/5
Caramel Diva
December 15, 2020
Some things should never be remade....this is one of them. Cheap laughs, crude behavior and way too many adult themes to be targeted at kids. Stick with the original, you can't go wrong there.