Low and Behold

2015 • 89 minutes
1 review
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About this movie

After Hurricane Katrina, Turner Stull moves to New Orleans to work as an insurance claim adjuster. Under the careful watch of his overbearing Uncle Stully, a seasoned claim adjuster, Turner begins measuring storm damage. Naïve and unprepared to deal with people who have lost everything, Turner finds himself in way over his head, and so in a moment of desperation, he strikes a deal with Nixon, a local man he meets on a deserted street. Turner helps Nixon look for his lost dog, and in exchange, Nixon lends a hand with Turner's insurance claims. As the unlikely pair navigates the storm-ravaged city, they eventually come to discover that some damage is immeasurable. Shot on location in New Orleans and the surrounding region only months after Hurricane Katrina, this neorealist-inspired film blends fiction with non-fiction and comedy with drama, thus creating a unique cinematic experience where truth is measured in emotions and not generic distinctions. This debut feature from director Zack Godshall, starring Barlow Jacobs, Eddie Rouse, and Robert Longstreet, premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and went on to garner numerous festival awards and critical acclaim around the country.

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1 review

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