The Karate Kid

1984 • 126 minutes
796 reviews
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A fatherless teenager faces his moment of truth in THE KARATE KID. Daniel (Ralph Macchio) arrives in Los Angeles from the east coast and faces the difficult task of making new friends. However, he becomes the object of bullying by the Cobras, a menacing gang of karate students, when he strikes up relationship with Ali (Elisabeth Shue), the Cobra leader's ex-girlfriend. Eager to fight back and impress his new girlfriend but afraid to confront the dangerous gang, Daniel asks his handyman Miyagi(Noriyuki 'Pat' Morita), whom he learns is a master of the martial arts, to teach him karate. Miyagi teaches Daniel that karate is a mastery over the self, mind, and body and that fighting is always the last answer to a problem. Under Miyagi's guidance, Daniel develops not only physical skills but also the faith and self-confidence to compete despite tremendous odds as he encounters the fight of his life in the exciting finale to this entertaining film.
796 reviews
January 21, 2021
The story starts immediately from the beginning, It's amazing how a simple story can progress to so much. Even though movie is quite old the visuals in this is mesmerizing especially the training scenes on the beach. There's alot of different characters, and even the side characters are very distinguishable between each other. There's is alot of funny moments as well, what made me laugh the most was the fly scene. And the character development of Mr Miyagi really brings the story the together. The Karate tournament was much shorter than I expected. But because it wasn't stretched out, I did not find it boring at all. And I like the fact that they didn't just show Daniels fights only, they showed the fights from The cobra Kai dojo aswell so it added more to story at the end. This movie was more emotional than I thought. And I would recommend everyone to watch this especially if you haven't seen it yet. "All life have a balance"
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Jean Luc Pressoir
June 30, 2020
The Karate Kid is one of best original classic films ever made legendy. Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita as Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi are a real inspiration to being mentored to friendship into being as family. I love this film so much especially my mom who watch The Karate Kid when she was young back in the mid-1980s. R.I.P. Noriyuki "Pat" Morita (June 28, 1932 – November 24, 2005) you were the very best actor and martial artist I ever looked up to and always will
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darlene edwards
July 23, 2016
Love Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi..Daniel you Son come here that is not how you wax car...Left hand wax on, right hand wax off. Ralph Macchino is still sexy even back then
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